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Anyone miss me? [21 Jul 2017|09:16pm]


Hello my lovelies! I am returning to the internet after a strange hiatus. Fishing for some old/new lines. Obviously she needs a facelift, so new face suggestions would be a great start. Looking at Emma Watson currently, but... bring 'em on!

For those of you who don't know her...

This is Alison Kobelski, a native of NYC, a taxi cab dispatcher, and an urban planning grad student at NYU (went to CalPoly for her Bachelor's.) In high school, she was your typical mean girl. Picture Gretchen Weiners, only not quite so ditzy and a little bit more bullying. Since then, she's grown up quite a bit, keeps trying to forgive herself for her past, and now dishes out tough love like a grandma dishes out caramel candies. She still has a fierce temper when someone she loves is in trouble and/or when she feels justice is not properly served. She still has the party girl left in her, and LOVES her some karaoke.

SO! Bring on the usual: friends and past hookups (male or female.) Bring on the unusual. Bring on people she bullied in high school. I'd love a roommate in Bushwick. Anything and everything.

Oh! And I missed you all very much. ♥

What makes your home your home? [22 Jul 2017|01:51am]

The idea of 'coming home' is like you've been somewhere you weren't interested in staying for too long and eventually will want to leave, somewhere you weren't supposed to be, don't want to be, or didn't belong. Like going to work or holiday or visiting people, or setting out with the intention of doing something, and only after you've finished whatever you've set out to do, would you get to feel accomplished and 'come home'. Put your feet up, watch some TV, try and forget all the atrocities waiting outside the door.

What if you don't have a home, or don't want to 'come home'? What if you set out to do something you couldn't possibly finish? What if everything you've been doing doesn't amount to much, and you know how much you don't deserve to feel accomplished? What's the point of coming home? I left home, years and years ago. I think I'll pass on trying to find the way back.

What's the last small purchase you made that made you happier than it probably should have? [21 Jul 2017|09:43am]

. ). )

[20 Jul 2017|04:52am]


hey newamsterdam people. i'm bringing in this guy, morgan kennedy. he's a native to the city and is considered the black sheep of his family. most in his family are lawyers practicing in different facets of the law while he decided on a career path concerning pharmacy. right now i have that he is 24 and currently working at the callen-lorde community health center as a pharm tech, so he's doing alright but of course swerving away from tradition doesn't make his parents too pleased. in addition to that his family can be a bit high-strung and staunch in their personalities while he tends to err more on the side of fun and lightheartedness. his appearance also tends to cause side eyes but he enjoys making his stuffy relatives squirm in his security. i'm not too sure which neighborhood to go with because roommates would be awesome, but so would a whole lot of other things. people he's come into contact with via work or places he frequents, tinder or grindr type meet ups, childhood friends, and everyone in between would be awesome! if there is anything to fill, too, it would be cool to hear what there is. hit me up and let's make stuff happen!

[19 Jul 2017|07:17pm]


hi everyone! this is zouya khoroushi (zou for short), 31 year old bayside native born and bred. she's a registered nurse working at the new york hospital medical center in queens for the last five years. she's never lived outside of bayside or queens (save for two years backpacking across the country) and would be very familiar with anyone haunting the usual spots in these areas, especially in the LGBT and/or activism community.

she comes from a strict muslim family, living a traditional life until she hit her preteens and started to rebel more. she has a childhood sweetheart (if anyone feels like bringing in adam driver or louis garrel for this, that would be great) that i'm still looking for that sort of tempered her and helped resolve a lot of conflict between her family until she broke up with him at 18, didn't go to college, went on a two year backpacking trip, and came back fully out (pansexual) and ready to go to school. this caused a severe strain in her family for a few years until her father having a stroke brought them all together to a place of understanding and acceptance. now she never hides anything from them, even if it starts a fight, completed her training and is a staunch activist in her free time. currently lazily studying for the bar and debating law school to help advance some projects she's doing.

the love of her life/major ex-girlfriend is [info]etton. she did and would've done anything for her but then she broke up with her over some family issues so zou has spent the last 4-5 months in a nihilist wave, overly aggressive even. i'm looking for everything else! she's very close to a younger sister, i would love a WOC ex/rebound (or several of any gender), anyone she grew up with, anyone she might've met at the hospital, anyone she might've met at school or activist retreats or work. basically everything! i'll be getting a bio up soon too.

[17 Jul 2017|03:25pm]


What's up, ~na? Shame I didn't get my life together in time for adds last night, but that just gives us time to work some magic, right? Yesenia is a professional ballroom dancer turned instructor/choreographer originally from Brooklyn. She spent a few years in California at the height of her professional career, but since moved back to Greenpoint in 2015. She's a spunky little nugget with a heart of gold and enough sass to charm her way through anything. But she's much more than a cute smile, and has more life experience than she should at 28. Lots of layers to slowly peel back over time, hopefully. So, what've you got for us?

[16 Jul 2017|10:34pm]


hello, [info]newamsterdam! i present evan aster, the younger-but-not-quite-baby brother of [info]braster. he's 29 and a workaholic hospice nurse based in brooklyn. outside of work, he's currently gearing up for more work, as he's in the process of working on a b.s. via correspondence and living in a cycle of work-gym-work-study-work. he's nice, just tense, and could probably use about a thousand drinks and some storylines.

[14 Jul 2017|11:13pm]


i miss it here :( which guys are wanted/needed?

[12 Jul 2017|02:04pm]


hey guys, meet mia. she's a 28 year old baker who owns a shop called the donut hole in williamsburg, brooklyn. it's mostly donuts and coffee/tea, but she's got some other pasty items in there too. she's lived in new york, specifically manhattan all of her life. she attended the cia (culinary institute of america) and settled in brooklyn after graduation. she's currently connected to [info]brodyp from a summer spent in california so the ross siblings may be familiar with her. past relationships, regulars in her shop that has been open for 2 years, i would LOVE siblings or cousins, really family of any kind. what do you need? what do you want?

[12 Jul 2017|12:10pm]


what's up good people of newam! before i get to work on cleaning up this little ladies profile, i figured i would poke around and see if she would be wanted/needed for anything.

this is sudie woolfolk ( played by the lovely jemima kirke ), mother of two and new york native. she did spend some time out west though it wasn't exactly the best of times so she made her way back to the city after the birth of her second child and settled into astoria. currently, she's working as the director of a local art gallery ( which i haven't decided on but will take any and all suggestions ). she also runs a supper club out of her house every second tuesday of the month which lets her stretch her little culinary wings.

sudie is a very free spirited and loving woman who will literally give you the shirt off her back. she's let strangers sleep on her couch and has occasionally housed a few while they get on their feet. she's a one-woman neighborhood watch who spends a lot of time on her front step with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and makes an effort to know every one of her neighbor's names. occasionally she can come off as a bit nosy but she means well.

i'm open to any and all types of lines whether its neighbors, artist she may have crossed paths with, the tattoo artist she goes to, or someone she's bumped into at a coffee shop. whatever you have to offer, throw it my way!

[12 Jul 2017|12:24pm]


hi guys! this is marnie etton, a 32 year old elementary school music teacher who just moved to manhattan at the beginning of the summer for a gig at a new school. she's bounced around between a few different boroughs (which i haven't chosen) since coming to new york from pennsylvania for college so if you would like our characters to have run into each other/been neighbors elsewhere hit me up! she's a lesbian and relatively out and open about it, except to her family and at work.

marnie's from a fairly strict religious background. her parents were pretty average once a week churchgoers, but after the death of her mother, her father became a bit of a zealot and was very controlling of what she and her little sister did, basically only allowing them to associate with other people at their church. she looked at out of state schools almost exclusively in an effort to get away from her dad and live her life the way she wanted.

she's well suited for teaching kids, very friendly, patient, adventurous and not afraid to be silly. while she isn't shy in the slightest, she can be a hard person to get to know on more than a surface level. she can be secretive and doesn't always say what she's really thinking.

i'd love lines of all sorts, friends, a cousin who knew the deal about her dad and helped convince her to come to nyc during her college search (i'm open to somewhere other than pa if that doesn't work for you), former/current coworkers, people who need a mother hen type "mom" friend because she's very protective of her near and dear ones, people with kids she taught, other people into things like knitting circles and book clubs, musicians to jam or have previously goofed off in bands with, female exes from a few years ago, neighbors (she's a brand new neighbor to [info]viviana), anything else save for siblings!

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