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[23 Jun 2017|12:26am]


so, i'm terrible at these things. that's your cue to pity me and give me lines 💁🏻‍♂️. or not. either way that doesn't dismiss the fact that this is max wu. he was brought to nyc by his parents when he was eight years old from taiwan. he's since become a naturalized citizen of the country and helps co-own and operate a family owned nail salon. this is not his idea of a dream job. but after his father had a severe heart attack and could no longer help with managing the place, he had to do what was right and step in. despite his rocky relationship with his parents, he understands the importance of family. if you want to know a bit more about him personality wise, well, so do i. i'm feeling very go with the flow with max. he is 100% controlling his own life and is surprising me quite a bit. what i can say is that he is a bit of the no-nonsense type but also knows exactly what he wants in most situations. or maybe he doesn't and just wants everyone to think he does. either way, he could use a bit of everything. he was picked on a lot in school so he now he's quick to step in for the underdog. he could use best friends, close friends, friends in general! but there are more than likely also people who don't like him, patrons who favor his mani/pedi and nail art skills. people who don't like him, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends who helped he realized he should stick to having ex-boyfriends, you name it, i want it. i think, at least. lets just brainstorm and see what happens!

[info]tilera - regular client whom he probably adores

i need a favor....ask me anything! [22 Jun 2017|06:19pm]

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Someone said this to me today:
'you wake up evil every day. tiny and evil.' (honestly the best compliment.)

If you'd all be so kind as to drop off a question or two, to find out my evil, I'd appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It can be anything, I'll even google a question for you and give you the best facts about whatever it is.

Share a secret or confession. Say something to somebody. Anon is enabled. [22 Jun 2017|06:37am]

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Wʜᴀᴛ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ Wᴏʀsᴛ ʟɪᴇ ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴛᴏʟᴅ ᴏʀ ʙᴇᴇɴ ᴛᴏʟᴅ?

^ ᴛʀᴜᴇ ᴏʀ ɴᴀʜ?

[21 Jun 2017|02:47pm]


so while i add my finishing touches to her, i thought i'd toss her out for some lines. this is tiler, she's a 28 year old principal dancer at the new york city ballet. she's [info]seblee's friend and dancer partner. she lives in the upper eastside, recently divorced and resettling into life. she is from san francisco, but has been in new york on and off since she was twelve, moving permanently at sixteen. she's a bit on the dramatic side, something only those who know her really see. she's also a perfectionist, loves to eat all the things and is constantly busy with practices and it gets worse during shows. she's starting to think about the future, knowing she's nearing retirement, and has ideas of what she wants to do.

so after a brief ramble, she can use everything! anything! all the things

[21 Jun 2017|01:16pm]


I should post one of these before I forget. Hello everyone! This is Ja, he's a turning 30 year old pediatrician at A to Z Pediatrics, lives in Murray Hill in Queens, and doesn't believe in taking vacations. He's [info]seblee's cousin and made friends with a couple of people when I played him here about... a year(?) ago, the only one I know for sure is still here being [info]irinamason. He grew up in Boston, where he went to Emerson, and ended up going to medical school at Weill Cornell. He has two sisters, one of which has been his roommate on and off over the years, and they're the only US based family he still keeps in regular contact with. I'd love any friends for him, old ones or new, and fellow alumni, as well as just about anything you can throw at me.

[info]newamsterdam [20 Jun 2017|05:47pm]


[20 Jun 2017|01:12pm]


tiler moon
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[20 Jun 2017|09:57am]


This is Abe, an emergency doctor for the past few years at Brooklyn Methodist where he works with ~cassdy. Though he's slumming it in a not-so-nice part of Brooklyn, he originally comes from a well-to-do family and grew up in the Hamptons, but had a falling out with his family and left home after high school. He settled down again in NYC 3~4 years ago after learning that his mother suffered a car accident and is trying to un-distance himself from his mother and 2 sisters, to varying degrees of success.

Would love some childhood friends, fellow members/alumni of [insert club here] at Columbia University, regulars at the local pub, more co-workers, we had 2 tequilas and shit just happened, noisy/nice/whatever neighbour, some shonky business his father (who has passed away) was involved in calling to collect, and anything else you can think of. I am completely new here so your patience while I find my footing would be much appreciated.

[19 Jun 2017|10:20am]


Hey guys! This is Waverly. She's a 27 year old fashion blogger & designer who is currently working to open her own boutique. She could use a job in that industry or something that can be flexible as she's attempting all of this! She spent part of middle school and high school in New York so I'd love a line or two of people she can reconnect with after all these years. Her main connection is ~machados who is her recent ex. I'm pretty flexible. I'm also interested in any family lines so let me know if I can help with any of that!

i'm not bothering with questions. [17 Jun 2017|01:17pm]

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[15 Jun 2017|06:59pm]


hey! while i wait for adds, i figured i could start putting feelers out there for connections. syed rahaman is a 30 year old miami native and the oldest of three children of indian immigrants. he was a handful as a child, to say the least, and his overabundance of energy has stuck with him over the years. he has always been an animal lover, so he spent a fair chunk of his time growing up reading and watching everything he could get his hands on about animals. he decided he wanted to go to school for ecology and also learn more about conservation, so that brought him to duke in north carolina. he got to spend some time abroad in south africa, which really took his growing fascination with big cats and pushed it over the edge. after he finished school, he moved to tampa, where he got his foot in the door at a local zoo, and by 2011 he took up volunteering at the big cat rescue. in general, a lot of syed's volunteer work has been focused on working with animals at rehabs and sanctuaries/rescues, so that lent itself to getting into animal keeping at the zoo. he was with the lowry park zoo in tampa up until two years ago, actually. he was initially going to move to the city with his boyfriend at the time, but his s.o. got cold feet about the move plus moving in with one another so he pulled out of everything. syed already had a job offer lined up and was ready to go, so he moved to new york, anyway. he currently works as a keeper for the bronx zoo, meanwhile he lives in jackson heights, queens, with a couple of roommates. he also lives with two cats, amar and prem, and his bearded dragon, madeline. as far as lines go, i'm really open to everything - neighbors, people who've seen him give talks to visitors at bronx zoo's tiger mountain, hookups or guys he's briefly dated, other bookworms and museum nerds he's connected with, fellow employees at the bronx zoo or one of the other sister zoos/the aquarium if you're out there, etc. anyone willing to put up with or butt heads with his aquarius ass is more than welcome to come cook up some plots.

[14 Jun 2017|09:19pm]


okay guys: sofia boutella or alessandra mastronardi?

[14 Jun 2017|12:37pm]


hey friends. i've had wyatt here for a good long while and have cycled through a lot of lines so i think that it is time to put another one of these up.

this is wyatt park. he was born and raised in denver and didn't move to new york until after his first novel became a bestseller. he left denver behind to find a new creative space to work on his subsequent novel(s). he has two that are published and one that is in the process of being published. aside from writing he also plays in a cover band that does a lot of rock hits from the 80s and 90s. most recently he did a stint helping out with a friends class that he was teaching and he decided that he liked that so much he is going to go and get his masters to see if he can do that on a more regular basis. he currently resides in the bronx with his boyfriend, ~saito, and their puppy, pavel.

i could use all kinds of lines for him. other writers, bandmates, students at nyu, readers of his fiction, neighbors in the bronx, people who work with ryan and know him from the hospital, random friends from random places, etc.

[14 Jun 2017|05:45am]


hi everyone! im bringing in this rajiv dhall face and he could use some lines! a bit of background: his mother left soon after he was born and he was raised by his father (neighborhood and location still undecided!) and had a typical childhood, even if they lived below the poverty line. his father worked construction and when he was a teen he had a work accident and suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and after weeks and weeks of rehab and surgery it was clear it wasn't enough and he came out with trauma induced dementia. This guy had to drop out of high school and has basically been taking care of his father sense. he's had jobs out the ass but ends up losing them because he has to miss so often. currently he works in whatever mall at pacsun. he's friendly but also definitely knows how to throw down if he needs to. for sun he randomly pops up at open mic nights, and often eats in soup lychees to save money for his father's care. if and when he gets money just for then it turns into ink or metal on his body. he needs everything. friends, past hookups of either gender (though that's not super high on his priority list), random friends, people he has worked with, people who know him from soup kitchens, people that maybe would reach out. Thank you <3

[13 Jun 2017|07:56pm]


I just held Louis, I figured it would be better to ask in here than ~pbads. Could anyone need him for anything? family included? I can change UN if needed.

[12 Jun 2017|09:43pm]


sorry for the repost! i ended up changing some things around but hello again, this is hayden, a 27 year old las vegas native who for the past year has taken up residence in brooklyn heights. he's a magician and currently works as a cast member of a taste of magic which combines fine dining with live magic right at the table. he also is available for private events and occasionally sets up his own medium-sized shows as he works towards the goal of one day performing on a las vegas stage. generally hayden is a splashy personality who likes to make an impression wherever he goes, which is usually positive since his job requires a lot of charm and finesse with people. he moved to the city because what better place for a showboat to go and also because his old friend [info]antonelli is in the area. given that he basically is a production himself he enjoys seeing plays/musicals and likes to visit galleries where he can purchase random absurdly expensive art to decorate his already cluttered townhouse. he's got an assload of tattoos and body mods so i could use an artist he's gotten some recent pieces from, and for other lines: people or companies who have hired him for events, previous audience members (whether at a show or in a more casual setting), shopping buddies who can only shake their heads at some of his gaudy wardrobe choices, fellow las vegas natives or people he could have met there, flings/one night stands of either gender, maybe a long distance ex gf from college or in the years following, and really whatever shenanigans we can cook up!

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