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[17 Sep 2017|10:11pm]


Before I start trying to piece together her background, would she be wanted here for any lines?

FFA; sunday confessional, anon is on [17 Sep 2017|11:16am]


let's start our sundays off with some good ol' fashioned confessions. comment this post with just your name, a confession, even a gd question if you want (it's the weekend do whatever the f you want seriously) and people will comment with their own confessions to you, regarding you, or just somethin random. key to this is to have fun but some confessions/comments may be douchey. if it gets outta hand, i'll deal and no donuts for any of you. anon is on but obvs with what i just said, it might get turned off cause of assholes anon is off srynotsry

have fun, party on, confess it up, ffa baby~

[16 Sep 2017|09:14am]


okay so now that i've got this loser applied and he won't get out of my head, let's work out some more stuff with those of you i haven't already gotten with! this is billy collins, former lead guitarist/songwriter from a band you might know the singular hit song from but you probably just think it's some loser frat boy cock rock bullshit (because it is; think something like buckcherry had sex with theory of a deadman and hinder on the same night, and this is the way less successful illegitimate bastard) that was WAY more famous for the 2012 tour bus crash that killed half the members than they ever were for that one song. (a song that strippers across the country still totally dance to, by the way.)

needless to say, he's not ever particularly stoked to be remembered for that band, so he's pretty glad most people have forgotten about them in the years it's been since. he's still kinda known around the local music scene (he's been in manhattan since he was 12 and in and out of the local scene since he was old enough to weasel his way into it), i know he has friends in [info]lucrene and [info]dylgr from that, but he's only recently started picking up a guitar (he hasn't touched one since the crash) again this year. MOSTLY he's focused on opening up a swingers (and low key bondage/sex) club in chelsea, one i have yet to name and would have had it's soft opening either last month or this one and would probably have a halloween themed grand opening coming up, and that's where most of his energy and attention goes.

he lives in soho, so anyone adjacent to there that frequents places with caffeine or booze could have met him. (he's pretty noticeable wherever he goes, but that's just because of the resting bitch/beard face and tattoos.) a mechanic he can take his harley to would be great too! i can do friends who grew up in manhattan, more musicians are always welcome even if he's been just been an observer of the scene lately, anyone involved in the swingers (or poly!) world, or people in the BDSM scene. (there's some complicated stuff with that last one, but i'd love some dark and twisty things with it.) employees of his club would be awesome! bartenders, waitstaff, even a few escorts to be "hostesses/hosts" would be rad but also need to stay very low key. i'd prefer NOT having a whole bunch of people who were fans of his band (mostly because they were honestly terrible and he hates talking about it) because their local reputation was one of mediocre sellouts who just got lucky (not completely untrue) and it's just not a great jumping off point with him, BUT it could provide some good conflict, so i'm willing to go with it for a good substantiative idea outside of it.

ALSO if anyone wants to use his club to throw a badass halloween costume party, it would give me an excuse to get on looking for visuals that match what's in my head AND NAME IT us an awesome place to jump off from, and i'd be willing to throw down on helping with an OOC plot post/etc with it!

this is waaaay tl;dr already, but there's more of it at his bio over here. i'm open to mostly anything, so let's see what we can do! i've been dying to use levi's face for a couple years now, so i'm stoked this guy came together so easily and am super eager to put him through all the abuse lol. :D

[13 Sep 2017|05:41pm]


hey all you lovely people who i both interact with and admire from afar. a few things have changed with this girl here and i wanted to try to reestablish some lines due to some changes. firstly, for those that didn't know, her face changed to sofia carson. secondly, she's now a life coach and event planner. some of her lines have left, her cousin [info]enrique was her main line in game and it leaves her without much, as her other lines were all threw him. except her favorite neighbor ever [info]trentonh.

so a mini rundown of alex here. she's 26, was born and raised in the upper eastside, went to private schools and was the stereotypical rich brat until her dad cut her off and made her get a job at 16. she went to california for college, attending cal berkeley. she returned to new york after college, where she started her accidental career as a life coach. she got into event planning in the last year, when she started helping friends as well as clients plan events. she's extremely hardworking and dedicated to her jobs, she is up at all hours due to clients being really needy. she's friendly and enjoys making people all sorts of things to eat, even if she's never met you before. pintrest is her favorite website. she lives in midtown, across the hall from [info]trentonh.

all the things lovelies.

[12 Sep 2017|11:37pm]


Hello there. This is Abigail, a 35 y/o Emergency Foreign Aid Supervisor via Oxfam/Refugee Aid Consultant via UNHCR. Abby is a native New Yorker, NYU alumna, and is tangled up with [info]theodavidson. You can view her bio here if you like. I'm open to all sorts of possibilities. If you need anything, feel free to poke me here or in my screened post ♥

[12 Sep 2017|12:54pm]


hello. before sending in an app, i wanted to see if anyone needed anything. Theo's a Commonwealth expat who has had an apartment in New York for literally decades but hasn't spent much actual time in the city due to his job with the UN. he did sustain an injury that required a good amount of physical therapy and surgery if anyone has any doctors around; he also spent some time as a guest lecturer at one of the schools during this period if anyone needs that. Otherwise, everything generic and completely open to things that aren't.

[11 Sep 2017|03:26pm]


hey guys. would you rather see sophie cookson or cindy kimberly around? i have separate ideas for both, but i'm really interested in whether either can fill anything for any of you.

[08 Sep 2017|09:47pm]


if i were to bring her back, would she be wanted?

[06 Sep 2017|12:44pm]


hello! I'm working on reapplying this girl here and would love some lines or jumping off points with you all. This is Lauren Franco, a half Spanish hot head who loves to drink and dance. She's been in new York a couple years now and has held down about twice as many odd jobs. She's currently working as a hotel maid and coyote ugly or some other random bar that doesn't require dancing on it. Mentally she's been better, after having lost her dad to cancer about a year ago. I would love to find people she's worked for/with, former roommates, friends, former flings, someone she goes to to vent, people in the hot yoga class she teaches. You name it, I'm down!

Mid-week Free For All! [06 Sep 2017|12:04pm]


Happy Wednesday!

Let’s get social! Put your name in the subject line, answer some questions, tell us something, ask us something, do as you wish! Since it’s Hump Day, make it as sexual (or nonsexual) as you want!

To be honest, I’m having a bout of sex question writer’s block, so let’s have a round of Truth or Dare!
Additionally, anonymous is enabled so feel free to spill some confessions! Just be courteous to one another!

❤️  If you’re able, please consider donating to New York Peace Institute, a not-for-profit agency whose professionally trained mediators are volunteers and services are provided cost free to New York City residents in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

[06 Sep 2017|07:19am]


Hi, guys. I had this dude here in the comm a while back before life went and got crazy on me. I'd like to bring him back. If he's accepted, I'd love to have a few lines to work with, new or old!

[05 Sep 2017|12:45pm]


hello, friends and family, boys and girls. some of you may recognize dylan from the last time i had him in game. for those who don't, this is dylan rodey, 32, transplant from ann arbor, michigan, and currently taking residence in brooklyn. he's a musician and gives lessons to supplement his main source of income (which is helping people pack up their shit and haul it places). he used to play with an in-game band, the sleepers. he's no longer a member (mostly because i didn't want to assume anything or take over an idea that wasn't my own), for reasons having nothing to do with band drama. he's a good guy, friendly, not overly sarcastic at people, but he is self-deprecating, and has a really dorky sense of humor. he'll talk to anyone, so if he approaches your character like they've been best friends forever, just roll with it. i'd love to keep all of his previous connections, for anyone still around and willing. new lines are also very welcome!

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